Hotel Navarra Bruges Discover The Rich History Of Our Hotel

Rich history

Hotel Navarra is one of the most beautiful hotels in Bruges. Our rich history, which goes back to the early 1600's, certainly accounts for some of this. 

1600 – 1715

Reference to the current name

Don Juan de Peralta, consul of the Spanish province of Navarra, located his official residence here during the Spanish occupation of the region.


State Agents' head office

The State Agents' Guild bought the site and established its head office here.



New ruler, new style

The site was completely renovated in Louis XV style and under the government of Maria Theresa of Austria, was given a new name: Cour de Commerce. 


Visiting dignitaries

During an official visit to Bruges, Emperor Jozef II of Austria stayed here, as did Duke Albert Casimir, Governor-General of the Netherlands, some time thereafter. 


1795 – 1802

Trade is the priority

Under French rule, the building was transformed into the 'Tribunal de Commerce' (commercial court). Other parts of the site served as the 'Cour de Commerce' (trading cooperative) and Hotel du Commerce.

Waiting for … Napoleon

As a result of the planned visit of Emperor Napoleon I, the royal staircase and the Bonaparte rooms were realised. History has taught us, however, that Napoleon never did visit the property. These ballrooms were, however, used regularly by William of Orange for important meetings.



First class hotel

The family Vanden Berghe-Dumortier manages the hotel for 118 years, without any interruption, as a ‘first class hotel’.

1842 – 1914

Unique hotel in Bruges - even back then!

The 16th-century home is equipped with a cornice on the street-side, along with the magisterial, cast iron gate which still welcomes guests today.

The whole building is now managed as a hotel and guests at the time could enjoy electric lights, central heating, private car park and a shuttle service to the railway station. The British poet Longfellow very much appreciated these facilities. You might know his work 'The Belfry of Bruges'.


1914 – 1918

In times of war

During World War I, the owner of the site offered it to the Red Cross. But it was soon taken over by German officers. After the armistice, this 'Grand Hotel' functioned as the official base for the Belgian government. 


1920 – 1950

Special intervention

The family Pauwels-D’Hondt bought the site and raised the oldest part of the building with a mansard roof. 

1950 – 1981

A home for students

The site becomes a residence for students of the renowned College of Europe in Bruges. 



Destiny: a hotel again

The Maertens family buys the site from the City of Bruges to renovate it once again into a hotel.


Official opening

Hotel Navarra Bruges opens its doors on January 1 as a 4-star hotel with 64 rooms. The unique setting makes it one of the most beautiful hotels in Bruges. 



Historical Monument

Hotel Navarra Bruges is officially recognised as a listed building.



After many years of renovations, the site is restored to its former glory. 



Double celebration in Bruges

The city is elected 'Cultural Capital of Europe' and Hotel Navarra Bruges celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Added extras

As a result of the integration of several adjoining sites, the hotel now has 94 rooms. 



Restoration of ice house 

Hidden away in the greenery, you will find our authentic ice house This offers an insight into how food used to be kept cool, using natural methods. The ice house had been damaged over the years, but has now been beautifully restored to its former glory.


Fabulous at 40

Hotel Navarra Bruges celebrates its 40th anniversary! 

More to enjoy



The timeless character of our rooms offers all the comfort you need. Choose from three types of rooms and enjoy a fantastic stay in Bruges. 


Hotel Facilities

We bring together a range of facilities that are unique in Bruges! On-site car park, swimming pool, fitness room, garden, bar... In short, everything you can expect from a four-star hotel. 


Meeting rooms

Hotel Navarra is the ideal location for residential meetings. We take care of every last detail, from accommodation, through catering, to technical support. 

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